To avoid being delayed by possible traffic congestion, opt to travel by public bus or MRT. This way, you’ll get to catch every precious second of the event. And as huge crowds are expected at major events, do arrive early — around 30 to 60 minutes before event time.

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Patrons are reminded to arrive at least one hour early, check the event guide and download their e-ticket in advance.
By Singapore Sports Hub

SINGAPORE, 29 FEBRUARY 2024 – This March, capacity crowds are expected as the Singapore Sports Hub welcomes global icon Taylor Swift for six nights at the National Stadium!

To ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience, all concert-goers are encouraged to follow Sports Hub’s social media pages for the latest information, and to familiarise themselves with the information in the event guide, especially the following:

1.    Travel light – leave your laptop computers, tablets, iPads, digital readers and umbrellas at home

Pack only essential items for a hassle-free entry to the concert. Make sure to avoid bringing prohibited items (non-exhaustive list):

  • Any material or article of clothing, etc., capable of fully or partially obscuring the face, with the exception of medical masks and or religious garments/wear, are prohibited on the premises
  • No clothing, costume, or personal effects that may impede the view of those around or behind you
  • Umbrellas (including collapsible umbrellas)
  • Carabiners, d-rings, shower rings, or any other; all friendship bracelets have to be worn on an arm or placed in a bag
  • Briefcase, bags, luggage, or purses larger than a clutch bag
    • Maximum bag size: 35cm tall | 30cm wide | 20cm deep
    • Bags to have a maximum of 2 compartments
  • Glass or metal bottles
  • Laptop computers, tablets, iPads or digital readers

This will help speed up the security bag-check process and shorten your waiting time to enter the venue. Alternatively, go bagless and enjoy the express queue!

For the full list of prohibited items, refer to the event guide.

2.    Take public transport and arrive early

Patrons should expect congestion on concert days due to the high volume of visitors and concert-goers. Ticket holders are encouraged to arrive at the Hub at least an hour before the show starts. Choose public transport as parking spaces are limited. 

3.    Safety is our top priority

With large crowds anticipated across all six nights of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, Singapore Sports Hub staff will be positioned throughout the area to manage the crowd, guide patrons and ensure overall safety. Patrons are encouraged to practise kindness, watch out for their fellow concert-goers and partner with our staff, whenever necessary, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all! 

4.    Purchase original tickets and official merchandise from authorised sellers

We would also like to remind all patrons to only purchase original tickets and official merchandise from authorised sources. To avoid being a potential victim of concert ticket scams, only purchase from legitimate marketplaces.

The official merchandise booths for Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour will be located at OCBC Square and the Stadium Riverside Walk. Ticket holders can also head to the booths at the South Dome Deck and selected gates along the 100PLUS Promenade. Patrons are not allowed to queue overnight and are advised to check the event guide for the operating dates and hours. 

5.    Be kind to one another – practise concert etiquette
For the safety and security of all fans during the concert, patrons are reminded to stay within the sections as stated on their tickets, and no crossing of sections is allowed. To ensure everyone enjoys the concert to the fullest, clothing, costumes or personal effects that may impede the view of nearby fans are not allowed.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour event guide before your concert! Follow the Singapore Sports Hub on social media for important updates as we get ready for a mind-blowing experience next month.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Singapore Sports Hub!


Denise Ho
Manager, Mutant Communications

Gerri Kwan
Executive Manager, Communications
Kallang Alive Sport Management

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