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Come and join our new, fun and extreme surf-inspired workout conducted by SURFSET Fitness!

The surfboard workout combines the cardio benefits of spinning with the strength and versatility of TRX suspension training and the fun had in a Zumba class, but all on an unstable surface. We draw inspiration from the adventurous spirit of surfers, and each workout is designed to push your limits for ultimate results.

We can’t wait to have you on board!


surfing fitness


We call it our beginner class, but we still see the helpless, sweating faces with eyes pleading for a break. BALANCE class focuses on flexibility, core strengthening, and body control, and is the prerequisite to the other class types. This is a great introductory program to get used to the motion of the surfboard and to develop the mind-body connections necessary for our other programs. It’s the best way to quickly master your body on the board.


There is an exquisite feeling in ramping up the intensity of the workouts on our boards. SWEAT class focuses on building aerobic capacity, burning fat and pushing past plateaus with quick, high-intensity sprints. Get ready for a total body toning session as all moves require you to recruit muscles throughout the whole body. This is the class for the dauntless types who demand the best from their bodies.


When you need to get tough with your core, this is the class for you. CORE class focuses primarily on building core strength and developing lean muscle in the entire body. With lots of compound body weight exercises and resistance training in a moderate tempo, Core sculpts your arms and legs, and builds you the body you’ve always wanted.

Fit Camp

Fit Camp is aimed at helping individuals develop all-around fitness with constantly varied workout formats. You never know what’s in store when you show up for class - this keeps the workouts fresh and exciting, while keeping your body guessing!

With limitless scalability across all movements and exercises, there’s something in store for individuals of all fitness backgrounds and levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans.


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Type of Session / Package
Remarks / Promotion*
Single Session
1 for 1
Pack of 5 (valid for 2 months)
Pack of 10 (valid for 4 months)
10 sessions + 1 free session
Buddy Pack of 30 (valid for 6 months)
30 sessions + 4 free sessions
Corporate Rates
Valid only for single session

Type of Session / Package

Type of Promotion
Promotion Price
Remarks / Promotion*
Surfer Shape Bootcamp
8 Sessions

All packages can be shared with friends. The principal holder of the package is not required to attend the same class.

*Promotion Terms:

  • 1 for 1 (SS1for1): Bring a buddy to class for the price of 1. Limited to one-time usage per participant. Participants are to attend the same session.
  • Surfser Shape Bootcamp: The package is valid for one month from date of purchase. The package is non-transferrable and cannot be used together with free session or renewal of package.


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