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Looking for great facilities, inspirational staff and motivated company? Look no further! Find your favourite workout at the Singapore Sports Hub & get more for less with the Fitness Class Pass!

Held daily at Level 2 of the OCBC Arena, take your pick from our suite of amazing Zumba, Kardio Kickbox, Pilates, Kardio Freestyle, Piloxing and Yogalates classes, and feel lighter, leaner and stronger each time!


There will be no classes on Public Holidays.

MARCH 2019

Fitness Class Schedule - December 2018

*Schedule subject to change. Singapore Sports Hub reserves the right to amend, postpone or change the classes without prior notice.



FREE body composition analysis for first time registrants!

Shape up your mind and body with our 30-Day Fitness Class Pass and enjoy full access to all fitness classes from as low as $79!

Grab your Fitness Class Pass today at the Sports Hub Gym Counter, Level 2, OCBC Arena and bring variety into your workout routine!

Fitness Class rates

*Individuals aged 55 and above and individuals with special needs enjoy concession rates


Call 6653 9190 or email 3 days in advance to book your Fitness Class! You may book any 2 class spots with each booking request.


  • Daily: 7:00AM to 10:00PM (unless otherwise stated)


OCBC Arena
5 Stadium Drive
Singapore 397691
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Let’s do our part in keeping the Singapore Sports Hub a smoke-free campus, and being appropriately dressed for the gym. Bare feet and slippers are strictly prohibited in the training area. The minimum age for entry is 18 years.

To create a fun and conducive environment for all, please read our Conditions of Entry prior to your visit.

Sports Hub Fitness Classes


The Singapore Sports Hub is the fitness destination for your best body yet! Reap maximum results with these heart-pumping fitness classes!



Unleash a variety of super moves with this eclectic dance fitness programme! Fuelled by music, this session’s groovy freestyle routines burns loads of calories without you even realising it. Improve your coordination and agility, and engage your mind as you build cardiovascular endurance!


This is a fusion-style class with Pilates as its foundation and elements added from dance and Yoga, performed to the beat of the music. This challenges participants' balance, improves coordination and mind-body connection. Barre Less® enhances flexibility and challenges the  body to move effortlessly like a dancer, and because no barre is required, Barre Less® can be practiced anywhere.


With a great beat behind every move, Cardio Kickbox will be the most fun class of your week! Drawing inspiration from martial arts, kicks and punches will be performed to integrate both the upper and lower body. Take cardio to the edge in this high-intensify workout and melt your calories away!


FIGHT DO® is a fantastic fitness program combining the very best of Boxing and Martial Arts, where you imagine that you're in an actual fight with one or more opponents.

Employing punches, kicks, blocks and sometimes even a skipping rope, FIGHT DO® provides a fun and effective exercise class using simple, dynamic and exciting choreography options.

Participants in FIGHT DO® have the potential to consume between 600 - 800 calories per session. Now that’s worth 'fighting' for!

FTX (Functional Training Exercise) (NEW CLASS!)

Functional training involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. Training exercises that can improve posture by strengthening the back, shoulders and arms along with improving lower body strength and flexibility.


MEGADANZ® is the answer for everyone who loves to combine their passion of music, movement and rhythm, which is expressed in the wonder of dance.

Salsa, Hip Hop, Dance, Merengue, Reggaeton, Jazz, Flamenco, Pop, Strip Dance, Brazilian Dance and Belly Dancing, these are just some of the many styles of dance that MEGADANZ® provides.


Lengthen and tone your body as you achieve a greater sense of well-being! Pilates is a mat-based exercise programme that improves your mental and physical well-being, increases flexibility, and strengthens your core muscles. Look forward to feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and energised after each session!


Feel strong and balanced inside and out in this barre-based class! Using a combination of postures inspired by ballet and Pilates & Yoga, this class focuses on the use of the barre as a balancing prop while you perform isometric strength-training exercises. Don’t be surprised if this class brings the burn on with light handheld weights during all those reps!


Create a serene flow with yoga moves and gentle stretches as you strengthen and train flexibility in your muscles! Feel a soothing wave wash over you immediately during and after your practice.


Experience the healing powers of yoga and pilates! As its name suggests, this fitness routine combines pilates exercises with the postures and breathing techniques of yoga. Build strength and balance and leave feeling refreshed!


Jump right into this Latin-inspired dance-inspired fitness class that combines fast and slow rhythms! Tone and sculpt the body as you achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle-toning benefits. Shake it off with great music and great people!

Come and join our new, fun and extreme surf-inspired workout conducted by SURFSET Fitness!

The workout combines the cardio benefits of spinning with the strength and versatility of TRX suspension training and the fun had in a Zumba class, but all on an unstable surface. We draw inspiration from the adventurous spirit of surfers, and each workout is designed to push your limits for ultimate results.

We can’t wait to have you on board!




We call it our beginner class, but we still see the helpless, sweating faces with eyes pleading for a break. BALANCE class focuses on flexibility, core strengthening, and body control, and is the prerequisite to the other class types. This is a great introductory program to get used to the motion of the board and to develop the mind-body connections necessary for our other programs. It’s the best way to quickly master your body on the board.


There is an exquisite feeling in ramping up the intensity of the workouts on our boards. SWEAT class focuses on building aerobic capacity, burning fat and pushing past plateaus with quick, high-intensity sprints. Get ready for a totalbody toning session as all moves require you to recruit muscles throughout the whole body. This is the class for the dauntless types who demand the best from their bodies.


When you need to get tough with your core, this is the class for you. CORE class focuses primarily on building core strength and developing lean muscle in the entire body. With lots of compound body weight exercises and resistance training in a moderate tempo, Core sculpts your arms and legs, and builds you the body you’ve always wanted.


FitCamp is aimed at helping individuals develop all-around fitness with constantly varied workout formats. You never know what’s in store when you show up for class - this keeps the workouts fresh and exciting, while keeping your body guessing!

With limitless scalability across all movements and exercises, there’s something in store for individuals of all fitness backgrounds and levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans.


Check out our schedule for SURFSET at Sports Hub Fitness Studio.


   Type of Session / Package   Usual Price   Promotion (valid till end of February)
Per Session (valid for 1 month)S$351 for 1*
Pack of 5 (valid for 2 months)S$175S$165
Pack of 10 (valid for 3 months)S$350S$310 (includes 10 sessions + 2 free sessions)
Buddy Pack of 30 (valid for 5 months)S$1,050S$840 (includes 30 sessions + 4 free sessions)

All packages can be shared with friends. The principal holder of the package is not required to attend the same class.

*1 for 1 (Bring a buddy to class for the price of 1) Promotion Terms:

  • Reservations must be made online for promo to be valid. Please enter code "SS1For1" during check out to enjoy this promo. You may refer to the link on how to register:
  • Participants are to attend the same session
  • Limited to one-time usage per person for existing and new members


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