五月天 Just Rock It!!! 藍 | BLUE 新加坡站 | Singapore Sports Hub

五月天 Just Rock It!!! 藍 | BLUE 新加坡站

Event date

4 September 2021 (Sat)

Event Time

7:30pm Approx. 150 mins


National Stadium
Conditions of Entry

Ticket Pricing

S$108 - S$308



五月天 Just Rock It!!! 蓝 | BLUE 新加坡站 延期公告

为确保演出艺人, 观众和所有工作人员的健康安全, 让歌迷可以安心观赏演出, 经多方再次讨论并依据政府及相关单位对于疫情的最新防控要求, 原定2021年2月27日 (星期六) 举办的 五月天 Just Rock It!!! 蓝 | BLUE 新加坡站 确定延后举行.

新的演出日期定在2021年9月4日 (星期六) 于原场地新加坡国家体育场举行. 所有已购票者可保留原票券, 于2021年9月4日持完整原票券入场观赏演出.

如无法出席演出的持票者, 可在2020年11月29日(星期日) 之前于Ticketmaster (formerly APACTix) 申请全额退款, 更多退款详情请上 http://bit.ly/Mayday2020 查询.


黑暗中期待光明, 2021年9月4日,

我们约好一起回到新加坡国家体育场, 好好的再摇滚一回.

Mayday Just Rock It!!! BLUE In Singapore Postponement Notice

Mayday Just Rock It!!! BLUE In Singapore is proactively being rescheduled to 4 September 2021 (Saturday) in view of the latest advisory issued by local authorities.

The venue will remain unchanged at the National Stadium.

Please hold on to your tickets as they will be honored for the new date.

If you are a ticket holder and cannot make it to the new show, you may request for a full refund through Ticketmaster (formerly APACTix) by 29 November 2020 (Sunday).

For refund enquiries, please visit http://bit.ly/Mayday2021 for more information.

Tickets to the rescheduled show is now available for purchase via Ticketmaster ticketing channels.

We thank you once again for your understanding and look forward to seeing you on 4 September 2021.


2019年适逢五月天发行第一张专辑的20周年纪念, 而由1999年发行的第一张专辑 [五月天第一张创作专辑] 至第二张 [爱情万岁]以及第三张 [人生海海] 三张专辑蓝色封面组成了 "蓝色三部曲", 是五月天的 "人生三部曲", 同时也是歌迷的 "人生三部曲", 陪伴大家走过年少的懵懂和迷茫, 也赋予大家面对善与恶, 爱与痛的勇气, 始终未变的是不论身处何地, 五月天的歌曲从未缺席. 五月天也在歌迷的陪伴下一起走过凤凤雨雨的20年, 唱遍无数城市, 征战数不清的指标性万人场地, 其中当然也包括新加坡.

1999年, 五月天第一次在新加坡圣淘沙一个音乐节崭露头角, 2000年第一次在乌节路举办街头爆唱会, 2001年 [人生海海 暂别演唱会] 第一场新加坡大型售票演唱会, 2003年 [天空之城 复出演唱会] 第一次站上新加坡室内体育馆开唱, 2009年 [创造DNA演唱会] 打破本地纪录成为第一组歌手在新加坡室内体育馆唱过凌晨12点, 2010年 [变形DNA] 旧国家体育场最后一组演出歌手, 2016年暌违3年再度重返新加坡两场 [Just Rock It演唱会] 两万张门票秒杀, 2018年第十场大型巡演 [人生无限公司 无限放大版] 在歌迷万般期盼下重返全新国家体育场HIGH翻现场四万名歌迷, 足见五月天与新加坡五迷留下了许多的第一次以及满满的珍贵回忆.

从1999年的 "疯狂世界" 唱到永久, 这是五月天回馈大家这20年来的支持最好的方式, 在这场充满 "回忆杀" 的演唱会上, 让我们一起搭乘蓝色时光机回到我们初遇时的时光, 跟着五月天勇闯 "疯狂世界", "温柔" "拥抱" 爱情的甜与涩, 到真正体会 "人生海海" 的轻与重. 五月天永远陪伴在大家身旁, 不论伤心难过或是欢声笑语, 一定有那么一首属于五月天为你唱出的主题曲!

五月天 Just Rock It 2020 蓝 Blue, 从 1999 到 永久, 2021.09.04我们再次相约新加坡国家体育场, 回到我们初遇的时光.

Mayday, debuted in 1999, consists of Ashin (Lead Vocal), Stone (Guitarist), Monster (Guitarist), Masa (Bassist) and Guan You (Drummer). The band has released 9 studio albums up to date and each album received multiple recognition at the annual prestigious "Golden Melody Awards". Over the course of 20 years, Mayday has garnered the love of fans and approval of music critics and gotten to where they are today, one of the biggest bands in the Mandopop music scene.

In 1999, Mayday first performed in Singapore at a Music Festival at Sentosa. Subsequently, the enthusiastic quintet returned at a Street Pop concert along Orchard Road in 2000, had their first ticketed full concert in 2001 and accomplished their first ever show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2003. Later in 2016, Mayday reached new heights with their "Just Rock It" tour where tickets to the 2-day Singapore concerts were snatched up shortly upon launch. Thereafter, they went on to rock the newly renovated National Stadium along with forty thousand fans at their 2018 LIFE Tour, creating yet another historic and memorable moment for both MAYDAY and their fans.

Following a series of 11 shows at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium where they welcome in the year 2020 with a stadium full of fans with their tour "Mayday Just Rock It!!! Blue", Mayday announces the exciting news of their return to Singapore!

2019 is a special year that marks the 20th anniversary of Mayday debut. Drawing inspiration from their first 3 albums which all came in blue album cover, "Mayday Just Rock It!!! Blue" tour aims to bring fans back to those good old days where Mayday first burst into the music scene and the hearts of their fans in 1999. The Blue Trilogy resembles the Life Trilogy of each fan where the songs of Mayday are always there as one journeyed life’s ups and downs and weathered through the storms of life.

Mayday is set to return with the "Just Rock It!!! Blue" world tour Live at the National Stadium! Hop on the time machine as they bring you on a nostalgic ride back in time to the year 1999 and onward to the infinite future. You would not want to miss this one night only Mayday concert packed with memory and laughter!


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    19 January 2020
    12:00pm onwards across all channels
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*Each ticket is entitled to one Just Rock It!!! Blue LED Light Stick


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Singtel Priority Sale: 17 January 2020 10:00am onwards across all channels

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