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[Along With Ekin Live Concert 2019] 郑伊健演唱会 - 新加坡站

Ekin Cheng 2019
Event date

28 Dec 2019

Event Time

8:00PM Approx. 120 mins

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S$108 - S$228



Event Guide

Are you ready for an amazing night filled with memories and surprises with Ekin? Here's what you need to know for a smooth experience!



"香港男神" 郑伊健终于来了! [Along With Ekin Live Concert 2019] 郑伊健演唱会 - 新加坡站将在12月28日于新加坡室内体育馆震撼登场! 由香港红馆起跑一连巡回了香港, 马来西亚, 广州, 成都以及天津, 在万众期盼下登入新加坡!

说到"郑伊健"这个名字, 对于本地众多追随香港影视品的大家来说一定不陌生! 郑伊健在未出道时曾参与TVB "新秀歌唱大赛"并借由此节目正式出道; 1992年发行首张专辑[不要哭了]并获得不俗的成绩后, 随后为拓展事业, 他开始参与了电影演出. 说到郑伊健的电影集, 相信大家脑海里绝对会浮现出多部他过去曾参演过的电影里以及角色, 例如"古惑仔" 电影系列里的"陈浩南","风云"电影里的"聶风"和改编至爱情漫画"百分百感觉"电影系列的Jerry都让大家记忆深刻. 而"郑伊健"这个名字也算是伴随了一代人青春期的成长, 他的影视作品更是至现今大家还津津乐道, 不论是充满兄弟情谊的"古惑仔" 或是刻骨爱情的"百分百感觉", 绝对也是大家青春的回忆.

虽然郑伊健在荧幕上创造了无数个经典角色, 但电影角色并非为最真实的自己, 反而是身为歌手的这个身份, 才是最贴近他最真实的自己. 但也因这些大屏幕演出机会, 让他与电影结下不解之缘, 因此在这次演唱会上, 郑伊健希望可在舞台上呈现出演员及歌手这两种身份, 并将融入一些经典电影画面至演唱会中. 不仅如此, 他也将带来多首经典歌曲如"友情岁月","甘心替代你","感激我遇见","直至消失天与地"等歌曲, 让大家一窥即动感又柔情的郑伊健.

来临的12月28日, [Along With Ekin Live Concert 2019] 郑伊健演唱会 - 新加坡站, 与你一同重温专属自己的青春热血回忆!

  Hong Kong singer-actor Ekin Cheng is slated to perform his brand-new full-fledged concert in Singapore come 28 December at Singapore Indoor Stadium after his last concert in 1998.

Ekin Cheng, Hong Kong born singer-actor, made his official debut in 1986 through a singing competition "TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship", a competition hosted by Hong Kong leading Television "TVB" & "Capital Artists Music Limited". He first released his debut album "Don’t Cry" in 1991 and rose to fame with his third album "On Stage" lead single ‘Only Love You in a Lifetime" along with his wavy long-hair look which sets him apart from all the singers back then.

After his successful debut, he moved on to take on movie roles and due to his wavy long hair, he took up many comics turned movie productions. Among all the movies, he’s most well-known for his lead-role as ‘Chan Ho-Nam" in Hong Kong film series ‘The Young and Dangerous" which is about a group of young members, detailing their adventures, dangers and growth back in the 1990s Hong Kong society. "Young and Dangerous" was a massive hit and propelled the cast to instant fame, Ekin Cheng subsequently moved on to make ‘The Storm Riders" which was the highest-grossing Hong Kong movie at that time and the first film to use a large number of special effects.

At his golden era during the ‘Young and Dangerous" period, Ekin Cheng also sang the theme song "Age of Friendship" as well as "Willing to Replace You" which is also one of the leading soundtracks in the movie sequels, those of which are his most-acclaimed tracks till now. Come 28 Dec, organized by AC Orange, Ekin Cheng will be staging his brand new concert tour after 20 years at Singapore Indoor Stadium where he will show everyone both his singer and actor roles and incorporate some of his movie classic scene to the concert!

Be prepare for a night full of action-packed and spectacular lighting and visual effects on [Along With Ekin Live Concert 2019]!


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    25 October 2019
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24 October 2019, 10:00AM onwards across all channels (Presale)

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