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Booking Tickets

Can I choose my seats when purchasing over the Internet?

You are able to select for your preferred category and section (subject to availability) for all events.  Our ticketing system will allocate the next available seats at your point of transaction to accelerate the booking process. Seat selection is available through the ‘Pick Your Own (PYO)’ seat functionality, which is only available for events where event organisers have given their consent.​ 

What browser is recommended for the optimum use of the website?

​The recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox: 27+, Google Chrome: 34+ or Safari: 7+.

Does my child need a ticket?

​Rules vary between events, venues and promoters. Please refer to the ticket information on the event details page for prices and ages for children requiring tickets.

Can I book wheelchair and companion seats?

​Yes, there are dedicated areas for Accessible seating and these can be purchased by contacting us at 3158 7888 or visiting our Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office. In order to ensure that all patrons requiring these tickets have an opportunity to buy them, we can accommodate 1 wheelchair space and 1 companion seat. We will attempt to locate additional family and friends in the nearest available seating. Normal ticket limits set by the Promoter for the event apply.

What methods of delivery can I select and what do they cost?

​1. Print-At-Home (PAH) is free of charge. Immediate delivery of your tickets to your email address for you to print at home. Fast, easy and free!
2. Mail is $1.50 per order to Singapore addresses only.
3. Venue Collection is $1.50 per order.
4. Tickets can be collected from the venue box office on the day of the event.
5. Registered Mail is $3 per order.
6. Courier is $15 per order. As tickets will be delivered during office hours please ensure you provide a day time address where someone is available to sign for the delivery.

What happens if my preferred section is unavailable?

If your preferred section is unavailable at the time of your purchase, the system will automatically allocate you the next available seat in the same price category. In the event where the seat in the same price category is unavailable, the system will automatically assign the next available seat in the next price category.

How do I know if my order is confirmed?

​After your successful online transaction you will receive an email confirmation to the email address submitted during your booking. Please make sure that the email has not gone to your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folder.

What is a Print-At-Home ticket?

​A Print-At-Home(PAH) ticket is the fastest and most convenient way to receive your tickets. It is an electronic ticket that is sent to you via email as a PDF attachment. Each ticket contains a unique barcode that can only be scanned at the venue once. Please ensure you print one copy of each attachment if you buy more than one ticket at a time. You simply print the ticket out on A4 paper and present it at the Venue for entry. See a sample Print-At-Home ticket.

I selected “Venue Collection” as my delivery method. How do I collect my tickets?

​You may collect the tickets from the following Box Offices during operating hours.

Please bring your credit card used for the transaction along with a photo ID that matches the name on your credit card and your booking confirmation number.


I live outside of Singapore. Why can’t I have my tickets mailed?

​We aren’t sure when you are travelling to Singapore for an event or how long your tickets will take in the mail to get to you. So to ease this pressure we offer international customers the delivery options of Print-at-Home and Venue Collection. This will ensure that you don’t have any hassles with potential mailing delays.

Can I authorize another person to collect the tickets on my behalf?

​Yes, you can. However, you will have to present the following items.

1. An authorisation letter completed and signed by the credit card holder.
2. A photocopy of the credit card holder’s ID.
3. A photocopy of both sides of the credit card used to purchase the tickets.


Online Queue Management System

What happens when I arrive before the event goes on sale?

​​Please wait patiently until the event goes on sale. When the event goes on sale, a random queue number will be assigned to you, along with everyone who are also waiting.​

Why do I have a "random queue number" assigned to me?

For people who arrive to the queue prior to the event goes on sale, a randomized queue number will be assigned at the time that the event opens for sale. Therefore, there is no advantage for anyone, who can utilize speedy automatic scripts, bots or scalping software.​

I clicked the ‘buy’ button at X o’clock sharp. How are there so many queue numbers ahead of me?

In the internet era, there is no such concept of “X o’clock sharp.” There are many factors affecting access latency to world-wide-web. Comparing to in-person waiting where you can see the crowd ahead of you, online you simply cannot see the crowd anymore.​

What does it mean when the queue is “paused”?

When a queue is paused, everyone will be kept in the queue as there will be no one redirecting to the site. The event organiser has full control of pausing / resuming the queue, and may do so for business or technical reasons. The specific reason is not known to Singapore Sports Hub and we cannot answer your inquiries why. Please simply wait patiently until the event organiser resumes the flow, as you will maintain the same queue number upon the event organiser resuming the progress of the queue.​

What if I miss my turn?

Each end-user is given a specific time limit for your queue number, which is determined by the event organizer. If you miss your turn, you will need re-enter the queue and wait again.​

What does it mean when the queue says “the event has ended”?

When the page says the event has ended, it means the event organiser decided no further end-users can be redirected the site. The event organiser has full control of the queue. The reason is unknown to Singapore Sports Hub, but in most cases, the sale of an event is ended when the tickets or products are sold-out or sale for the event has come to its published end time.​

The queue system said “it’s your turn,” but I only see a blank page and am redirected back to the queue again. What has happened?

When this situation happens, there might be technical issues occurring to the website you are accessing. Please continue to wait until the site owner resolve the problems. We thank you for your patience.​

I need to change to another device or wireless network. Will I lose my place in the queue?

​​When you are still waiting in the queue, you can copy your waiting page URL, which identifies you as an individual. You can then use this same URL from another device without losing your place. Please be aware that you must not use this technique to share your queue number with others. The system will reject an already used queue number, so you or the party you shared with will not be allowed into the site.​

Why do I end up in the queue over and over again?

When you have been through the queue you will arrive at the destination site. Here a cookie will be stored in your browser to verify that you actually have been redirected via the queue.

Therefore you must ensure that your browser accepts cookies from the destination site, so you don't end up in the queue again.​​

Do I lose my place in line if my mobile phone is in sleep mode?

You will not lose your place in line if you close your browser or if your phone is in sleep mode. Our solution does not depend on sessions, but the queue information is included in the URL and the cookies.

However, please note that you have a limited amount of time to access the transaction site once your turn is up.​

I encountered an error or technical issue during my purchase and/or never received a purchase confirmation. Can you help?

Please call us at +65 6653 8900 or email us at


What methods of payment are accepted?

​Visa, MasterCard, JCB and AMEX are accepted via all booking channels. Cash and NETS are also available at the venue box offices and outlets.

Changes to my booking

I can’t go to the event, can I get a refund?

​No refunds or exchanges are allowed once the transaction is confirmed, unless an event is cancelled or postponed.

Can I hold seats and pay for them later?

​Tickets must be paid for at the time of your booking.

Can I change the mode of delivery from Print-At-Home to Mail or Venue Collection?

​If you decide after the completion of your sale that you want to change your ticket delivery option, please contact Sports Hub Tix at 3158 7888 to make the request. Kindly note that a $3 reprint fee per ticket, in addition to any standard ticket delivery costs, will apply for this change.

Cancelled and postponed shows

What happens if a show is cancelled or postponed?

​Cancellation or Postponement policies are event specific. Please visit the specific event page via for up to date announcements on cancelled or postponed events. Details regarding the refund process will be listed on the website and available at the Sports Hub Tix Box Office.

Lost Tickets

I lost or damaged my ticket. Can I have it replaced?

​If you selected PAH, you can print another copy of your ticket from your email confirmation. However if you are worried that someone might find it and attempt to use it, please contact us to get a replacement ticket issued with a new barcode. If you did not select PAH tickets please contact Sports Hub Tix Customer Service at 3158 7888. You will need your transaction details in order for us to trace the booking. A reprint charge of $3 per ticket will apply for all replacement tickets.

I selected mail but my tickets have not arrived. What should I do?

​Please contact Sports Hub Tix Customer Service at 3158 7888 for assistance. A reprint charge of $3 per ticket may apply.

If my lost item is found, where can I claim it?

​Please proceed to the Customer Care Counter at Singapore Indoor Stadium, which is located in the foyer of the Administration Office underneath the overhead bridge of the East Entrance.


Why is there a booking fee charged for every ticket?

​Charging of a booking fee is a worldwide practice by ticketing services companies to help reinvest in technology development for our ticketing system to continually add features and functionality.

Customer Information

Is there a need to provide my personal details when purchasing tickets?

​Yes, it is important to provide your personal details so that we can assist you if you have questions about your booking or when we need to contact you for any changes or cancellation to the event. Please see our Privacy Policy. If you have selected to receive marketing material from the Venue then you may also receive updates from time to time from Sports Hub.

Items permitted inside the venue

What can I take into the venue?

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the full Terms and Conditions of Sale and Entry prior to arriving at the event.

Lost & Found

I have found a lost item. Who should I pass it to?

You may proceed to the nearest Information Counter to file a report and turn the lost property in. Our Information Counters are located at the following venues:

  1. OCBC Arena

  2. OCBC Aquatic Centre

  3. Water Sports Centre

  4. Visitors Centre

  5. Singapore Indoor Stadium

  6. National Stadium

I have lost my belongings. How do I know if it was retrieved?

​You may make an enquiry by completing our online form or approaching the nearest Information Counter listed below for assistance.

  1. OCBC Arena

  2. OCBC Aquatic Centre

  3. Water Sports Centre

  4. Visitors Centre

  5. Singapore Indoor Stadium

  6. National Stadium

Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Care Team at +65 6653 8900. 

If my lost item is found, where can I claim it?

​Upon locating your lost property, our Customer Care Team will advise you on the designated storage location for the retrieval of your item. Please be informed that you will need to bring along a valid photo identification card when claiming the item.

What happens to unclaimed items?

Found property will be stored at the Singapore Sports Hub for a period of 60 days before the unclaimed items are disposed, donated or surrendered to the Singapore Police Force. For items that do not have such a long shelf-life, these items will be disposed before the stipulated period as Singapore Sports Hub deems fit.

Are there any items that will not be accepted as a found property?

​Due to health and safety reasons, certain found items will not be stored and they include, but are not limited to:

  • Umbrellas

  • Perishable foods

  • Water bottle

  • Used tickets

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