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Please note the following facilities in OCBC Arena are unavailable for public booking on the following dates:
- Hall 1 (Basketball & Table Tennis):
28 July 2017 (12PM - 7PM): Great Eastern Basketball 2017
7 - 8 August 2017: GetActive! VCActive

- Hall 2 (Badminton):
7 - 8 August 2017: GetActive! VCActive
19 August 2017 (8AM - 5PM): ST Electronics Badminton Tournament

Public Booking Slots



Public Booking Slots*

Hall 1 - Basketball and Table Tennis

Please refer to our online booking system for the latest court availability.

Hall 2 - Badminton

Mon to Sat: 7AM to 8AM, 12PM to 2PM, 8PM to 10PM
Sun: 7AM to 10PM

Hall 3 – Netball and Volleyball**

Please refer to our online booking system for the latest court availability.

*Subject to change, please refer to our online booking system for the court availability.
**Please note that net height for Volleyball Court is pre-set to 2.24m. Net adjustments services will be available in the near future and we seek your kind understanding as we look into providing a better customer experience.

Check this space for the latest updates.

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About OCBC Arena

The OCBC Arena is the proud home of the seven National Sports Associations. The facilities at the Singapore Sports Hub are built for multi-purpose usage that includes community/ public usage and elite athletes training. As the various National Sports Associations are progressively commencing their trainings at the respective venues, certain time slots will be closed to the public to accommodate their training sessions.

Please refer to our online booking system for the latest court availability.

The National Sports Associations housed at the OCBC Arena are:

  • Singapore Badminton Association
  • Basketball Association of Singapore
  • Fencing Singapore
  • Netball Singapore
  • Singapore Gymnastics – Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Singapore Silat Federation
  • Volleyball Association of Singapore

  • The OCBC Arena will also host a variety of community and international games within its 6 state-of-the-art multi-purpose halls.
    For group bookings or any other enquiries, you may contact us at ​​​​​​
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     Venue facts

    Opening Hours

    • Daily: 7am to 10pm

    Sports Facilities 

    • Basketball Courts
    • Badminton Courts
    • Volleyball Courts 
    • Netball Court
    • Table Tennis Tables
    • Shower and Changing facilities

    Conditions of Entry

    • Singapore Sports Hub is a smoke free campus, please refrain from smoking within our premises.

    • Please be appropriately dressed for the intended activities in the halls. 

    • To prevent damage to the flooring, customers wearing marking shoes or stilettos will not allowed to enter the halls

    • Conditions of Entry (Events)
      Conditions of Entry (Non Events)

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