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​12 AUGUST 2016
Lose Weight For Free At Sports Hub

By Lynda Hong

After having lost 49kg by not eating ‘two portions of everything and being mindful’ of what he eats, Samuel decided to go on an exercise regime to lose more weight. Since participating in the Experience Sports FITBIT sessions in February, he lost another 15 kg.

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​3 AUGUST 2016
COMMENT: Why NDP 2016 at the Sports Hub isn’t a bad choice

By Ian De Cotta

Replicating this level of sophistication at the Padang and the Marina Bay would cost much more than $6 million. Using the stadium to deliver this new experience reduces costs for the organisers.

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​20 July 2016
9 Things To Do At Singapore Sports Hub

By Js Arena

9th August is Singapore's most important day of the year. Yup, it is less than a month away to our National Day. Do you know what is the biggest highlight of National Day? Of course it is the National Day Parade!! After a 10 years gap, this year's NDP is returning back to the National Stadium at the Sports Hub.

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​13 July 2016

By Meiling Wong

The last NDP was held at the old National Stadium in 2006, 10 years ago! Subsequently, the old stadium was torn down to make room for the now state-of-the-art, world-class fully integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle destination known as the Singapore Sports Hub. For the past decade, NDP was celebrated at Marina Bay floating platform and the Padang.

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​10 June 2016
5 Things You Can Do with Your Date at Singapore Sports Hub

By Deenise Yang

Instead of just exploring the city, trying out new cafes and catching the latest movies like many other couples would, I decided to bring Sam along to explore this other side of our little Red Dot, Singapore Sports Hub which has a plenty of fun activities to do! I thought it was more of a place equipped for athletes to train more effectively and conveniently but actually, there are several other activities catered for us typical adults with a 9-to-5 job like you and I as well as for children too.

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