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Parking Information for June 21st and 22nd

Key Information

  • Pre-sold parking is NOT activated for the weekend of June 21st and 22nd.
  • There are however only limited parking lots available.
  • We expect heavy traffic around the area throughout the day as it’s the first time we ar​e open to the public.
  • Please leave your car at home, take public transport and come early for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
  • Other information if you're driving here

    • Please be aware of potential heavy traffic around Singapore Sports Hub before and after the event.
    • The roads in the Singapore Sports Hub will open on 21st June at 6am.
    • Please follow the instructions of the friendly Traffic Marshals and Controllers who will be deployed to assist you.
    • Please also refer to Traffic Advisory Signs and Variable Messaging Signs deployed along major & minor roads leading to Singapore Sports Hub for traffic updates.

    Parking Information if you are parking at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

      Parking lots are available at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (Car Park L), which are operated using the Electronic Parking System. Please ensure that there is sufficient value in the CashCard before exiting.
    • For Saturday 21st Jun, there is an event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 8pm, hence from 6pm onwards, $6 per entry charges would be imposed.
    • For Sunday 22nd Jun, there are no events at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, hence charges listed under “Non-Event Days” would be imposed.

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